In May, UHR launched a web service for the evaluation of foreign qualifications. To date, approximately 17,400 individuals have used the evaluation service. At the same time, the number of applications for recognition statements has decreased.

UHR’s digital evaluation service quickly provides a general description of what a specific qualification corresponds to in Sweden, while the recognition statement is an evaluation of an individual’s qualifications documents.

The evaluation service currently contains approximately 500 qualifications from 37 countries, while the recognition statement covers all countries. Both of these services can be of assistance, for example when a person applies for a job in Sweden and the prospective employer needs to understand their educational background.

Many see the benefit

During the first eight months of 2019, applications for recognition statements decreased by 10.4 per cent compared to the same period last year - from approximately 14,000 to 12,600. The possibility of downloading a PDF file from the digital evaluation service which, for example, can be shown to employers, had up until August been used approximately 3,800 times.

”It is gratifying that so many see the benefits of our new service,” said Lars Petersson, Head of Department at UHR. “The fact that we receive fewer applications for recognition statements indicates that many people are helped by it, even though there may be other factors that affect the number of applications.”

Reduced processing times

In 2019, UHR has on average shortened the processing time for those applying for a recognition statement by 34 days. The processing time is currently 84 days on average for all types of foreign qualifications that UHR assesses, primarily upper secondary, vocational and higher education.

“I am pleased that we’ve reduced the processing times and that fewer and fewer people have to wait a long time for a recognition statement. Overall, we now provide better service for those with foreign qualifications,” said Lars Petersson.

Update 5 March 2020: The name of the service mentioned above has been changed to Qualifications Assessment Tool.