It’s now even easier to apply for an assessment of a foreign qualification at UHR’s website. The application process has been improved so that a user can, among other things, follow the progress of their application.

Each year, approximately 20,000 people apply for an assessment of their foreign qualifications on UHR’s website. Most often, the application leads to a recognition statement indicating what the applicant’s qualification compares to in the Swedish education system. The service and resulting statement, which is free of charge to applicants, can be used for example when applying for a job.

“We have further developed and improved the application so that you can follow your case and, if necessary, submit documents at a later date,” said Ida Larsten, unit manager at the Department for Qualifications Recognition.

Log in with BankID

One difference compared to before is that you can log in with your BankID, a common way in Sweden to identify yourself when completing various errands on the internet. In addition, you can log in after you’ve submitted your application and upload additional education documents that prove you’ve completed the education programme you want to have assessed.

“We’ve also taken several measures to improve the experience for applicants,” said Ida Larsten. “The applicant can find out what specific documents need to be submitted based on their country and level of study.”

Easier handling

UHR’s goal with the new application service is to make it easier for applicants to complete their applications so that fewer will later require supplementary documentation. In this way, the council can invest more time in processing applications.

In addition to applying for a recognition statement, anyone with a foreign qualification can use UHR’s Qualifications Assessment Tool. With the assessment tool, you can get an immediate comparison of your foreign qualification to the Swedish education system. For some, it can be enough to provide a printout from the assessment tool when applying for a job while others prefer the personal assessment provided in the recognition statement.

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