It will now be easier for everyone with foreign credentials to enter the Swedish labour market. UHR is launching an online service that will quickly provide advice on what a foreign qualification corresponds to in Sweden.

"It's important to take advantage of the skills of the hundreds of thousands of individuals in Sweden who have an education from another country", said Karin Röding, Director General for UHR. "UHR's new so-called evaluation service makes it easier for both those seeking employment and employers to understand what a foreign qualification corresponds to in the Swedish education system. For employers, this means they can more easily recruit people with the right skills."

The evaluation service contains information about what a foreign upper-secondary, post-secondary vocational or higher education qualification corresponds to in Sweden. A comparability statement can be downloaded as a PDF, which the jobseeker can then submit to the employer together with their education documents. The service contains nearly 500 qualifications from 37 countries.

"The service quickly and easily determines what a foreign credential is equivalent to", said Lars Petersson, Head of Department at UHR. "Our hope is that above all, jobseekers and employers will benefit from it, but also people who wish to study abroad will be able to see what different educational programmes correspond to in Sweden."

As always, you can apply for an individual recognition statement from UHR as well.

To the evaluation service (in Swedish)

Information about UHR's recognition of foreign qualifications