Three ordinances related to higher education are now available for the first time in English. In addition, all of UHR’s earlier translations of legal texts have been updated.

UHR is tasked by the government to translate to English certain acts and ordinances in the area of higher education. Some examples of the legal texts translated are the Swedish Higher Education Act, the Higher Education Ordinance, the Ordinance on the expulsion of students from higher education, and the Ordinance on application fees and tuition fees at higher education institutions

During 2019, all of UHR’s translations were updated. Three ordinances are now available in English for the first time:

“There are even other regulatory documents that have been translated that can be of interest for those who work in higher education, for example the Discrimination Act,” said Jari Rusanen, analyst at UHR and the person responsible the translation process.

Not legally binding

UHR’s translations are available for information purposes only and are therefore not legally binding. From a legal perspective, it is only the Swedish texts that apply.

Acts and ordinances are continuously updated, as are UHR’s translations.  

“As it can take time for the new translation to be published, it’s always a good idea to check what version of the legal text the translation is equivalent to,” says Jari Rusanen. “You can find that information in the beginning of every translation.”