The Swedish Council for Higher Education’s (UHR) evaluation service for assessment of foreign education has increased its content, now covering 52 countries and 700 qualifications.

In the spring of 2019, UHR launched an evaluation service that provides information on what a foreign qualification is equivalent to in Sweden. The information in the service is based on UHR’s large breadth of knowledge regarding foreign education.

“The potential of this service is enormous. With the help of technology, we can make information available that creates value for anyone who needs to understand foreign education in a Swedish context. It’s fantastic that we now cover a large number of the world's countries,” says Lars Petersson, Head of Department at UHR.

The evaluation service’s target groups include those who wish to see what their foreign education corresponds to in Sweden in order to look for a job, employers who want to understand what a foreign degree means and guidance counsellors. The service has just over 4,000 users per month, with approximately 1,000 taking advantage of the opportunity to download a PDF document with the results.

”Many see the benefit of quickly and easily receiving a decision on what their foreign qualifications correspond to in Sweden,” says Lars Petersson.

Difference between the evaluation service and formal recognition

UHR also issues recognition statements that indicate what foreign qualifications correspond to in Sweden. In this case, the individual’s own qualification documents are assessed.

“A recognition statement is linked to a specific individual’s education documents and is important for those who require a statement on how the particular degree that they themselves possess is evaluated and recognised in Sweden,” says Lars Petersson.