Each year, UHR issues up to 20,000 recognition statements for foreign education qualifications. The statements indicate what a person’s foreign education is equivalent to in Sweden, assisting individuals when seeking employment or applying for further education. The recognition statement is now digital, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Previously, UHR issued recognition statements as physical documents via regular post. Today, applicants receive their statements as a PDF file to their email address. The document contains a certificate verifying its authenticity, indicated with a blue ribbon at the top when opened in Acrobat Reader.

"UHR's recognition activities facilitate the integration of people with a foreign degree, while adding new skills to the job market," said Karin Röding, Director General for UHR. "The transition to digital recognition statements means it will be easier for an individual applying for a job or studies to submit their statement together with their other application documents. This is an important step in UHR's work with streamlining and digitising operations and is also more environmentally friendly."

UHR's credential evaluators assess foreign qualifications at the higher education, post-secondary vocational education, and upper secondary levels. For them, the gains in efficiency are evident:

"We save time as credential evaluators no longer need to print the statements and send them by regular post," said Lars Petersson, Head of Department at UHR. "Employers who receive a recognition statement issued by UHR can be assured that we have examined the applicant's foreign education documents, confirmed their authenticity, and that their studies were carried out at a recognised education provider."

Employers with questions about the recognition statement are welcome to contact UHR by email: utbildningsbedomning(at)uhr.se.