February 24 is Swedish Finns Day. The day was chosen in memory of Carl-Axel Gottlund’s birthday. Gottlund was a Finnish folklore researcher and cultural politician who founded the first Finnish association in Sweden in 1830. UHR will observe this day by focusing attention on the Swedish Finns’ language, culture, and rights as a national minority.

The Sweden Finnish flag

UHR targets efforts in promoting national minority rights, language and culture based on minority policy goals. UHR is tasked with following up, analysing and reporting on their externally focused efforts based on these goals.

Courses in the Finnish language and Swedish-Finnish/Finnish culture are offered at Stockholm, Umeå and Uppsala Universities. You can find out more about these courses at Studera.nu, Antagning.se and UHR’s film series about languages close to people’s hearts (all information at the links in Swedish).

One of five national minorities

The Sweden Finns are a national minority in Sweden. In addition to the Sweden Finns, four other groups have specific rights concerning language, culture and influence: the Jews, the Roma, the Sámi and the Tornedalers.

According to the Stockholm County Administrative Board and Sámi Parliament of Sweden, there are between 450,000 – 600,000 Sweden Finns in Sweden.

Source: Information at minoritet.se and map from the Stockholm County Administrative Board and Sámi Parliament of Sweden published 2018.