The Swedish Council for Higher Education’s (UHR) web service for recognition of foreign qualifications is now available in English. The web service - the Qualifications Assessment Tool - shows what a foreign qualification can be compared to in Sweden, with information on over 700 qualifications from 50 different countries.

Last year, UHR launched a web service in Swedish for the recognition of foreign qualifications. This service helps the user find out what a qualification is comparable to in the Swedish education system. The web service – which is aimed at both employers and individuals seeking employment – is now also available in an English version. 

”We’re happy to be able to launch the service in English – it can be helpful for those who have recently come to Sweden and haven’t yet learned Swedish” said Lars Petersson, Head of Department at UHR. “We hope this will also mean that employers will have an easier time finding and recruiting employees with the right skills. During the autumn, we’ll expand the service with 16 more countries.”

Having the web service available in English will also benefit those who wish to have their Swedish degree recognised in another country. This initiative is part of UHR’s cooperation with other countries regarding the assessment of foreign education.

”Having an English web service means that we can give our international colleagues better information about education in Sweden. This in turn increases the possibility of having your Swedish degree fairly recognised abroad” said Lars Petersson.

Alongside the Qualifications Assessment Tool, UHR also issues personal recognition statements for foreign qualifications. The recognition statement indicates what a foreign qualification can be compared to in Sweden after an assessment of the individual’s education documents. The recognition statement is only issued in Swedish.

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International cooperation within recognition

UHR is Sweden’s centre within the ENIC-NARIC Networks, a collaboration with the EU, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. As a National Information Centre, UHR is responsible for providing information on the Swedish and foreign systems of education as well as the recognition of foreign degrees and other qualifications to Swedish and international stakeholders.

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