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Recognition officers

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Information regarding Swedish schools and HEI due to the Covid-19-situation

Will this year’s upper secondary graduates receive a final diploma?

Yes, students in upper secondary school will receive their final grades. The time could vary between city's due to when they manage to preform there last exams. The expected time for most students to receive their grades is in the middle of June.

Will the final diploma have a calculated grade point average?

No, Swedish diplomas have no calculated grade point average.

Are there any consequences for admission to higher education in your country for this year’s graduates?

No, the graduating students should not be affected by the current situation.

Any other comments?

The planned national aptitude test in the spring has been cancelled. This is an optional test to enhance possibilities for students applying to programmes with numerus clausus. The cancelled test does not have effect on upper secondary students’ final grades.


You are welcome to contact us if you have questions about a specific qualification or about a statement that we have issued.

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or call the switchboard on +46 (0)10 470 0300

Study counsellors and officers

If your profession is helping people who should apply for an evaluation, more information is available on our website (in Swedish).

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or call the switchboard on +46 (0)10 470 0300

Last updated: 27 August 2020