List of non-recognised higher education institutions in Sweden

This page contains a list of institutions that claim to award qualifications and operate in or from Sweden or in some way claim to be linked to Sweden. However, they are neither officially recognised nor have degree granting rights.

The qualifications offered by these institutions neither correspond to any qualifications within the Swedish education system nor comply with the Act Concerning Authority to Award Certain Qualifications (Swedish Code of Statues No 1993:792). There is no official quality assurance procedure in place.

Non-recognised higher education insititutions in Sweden

  • The Ackermann College of Chiropractic (alias The Ackermann Institute) Ackermann Institutet

  • Alhurra University in Sweden

  • American-Scandinavian Academy (alias Scandinavian Academy)

  • Bridge College

  • Free University of Scania Skånes fria högskola

  • Free University of Stockholm Stockholms fria universitet

  • FUN - Fria universitetet i Norden

  • Hammersmith Management College Sweden Campus (alias Hammersmith College Sweden; Hammersmith College Stockholm; HMC Sweden)

  • The International Virtual University (alias I.V.U.; I.V.U. Sweden)

  • Livets Ord Theological Seminary (alias Livets Ord University)

  • MGruppen Svenska Managementgruppen AB

  • Pre-International College Sweden Campus

  • PROBANA Business School (alias PROBANA Business School - Sverige)

  • Queensway College Sweden Campus

  • SACCTS Academic College (alias Swedish Arab Center for Thought and Strategic Studies, SACTSS)

  • Scandinavian International University Skandinaviska Ledarhögskolan AB och Mental Training Sweden AB

  • Scandinavian University of Science and Technology

  • School of Business and Commerce

  • Swedish Academy of Electrohomepathy and Alternative Medicines, SAEHAM

  • Swedish Applied Science University

For questions pertaining to institutions in Sweden claiming to offer degrees, please contact the Swedish Council for Higher Education (ENIC-NARIC Sweden)

Authorisation for private institutions in Sweden

The Government grants degree-awarding powers to private institutions. Those wishing to apply for the right to award Swedish degrees must undergo a quality assurance process and meet certain criteria. For information about the application process, please contact the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research.

Private insitutions without public funding may operate legally without approval or quality assurance by the Swedish authorities. However, if they want to make their students eligible for state study grants they must undergo a quality assurance procedure. The institutions mentioned above do not have such approval for study grants.

Last updated: 6 November 2017