The Swedish Government has decided every degree certificate will have a diploma supplement attached which describes the qualification and its place in the education system (Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 6, Section 10).

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) determines what a Diploma Supplement should include (Ordinance (2012:172)). It should facilitate recognition and credit transfer for a Swedish qualification in case of employment and continuing studies abroad, but also within Sweden.

UHR has issued more detailed regulations for the diploma supplement (UHRFS 2013:9).

Simplified assessment of expertise

A diploma supplement includes a description of the scope and content of your Swedish qualification and the Swedish higher education system. This makes it easier for employers, authorities and higher education institutions to assess your Swedish education by simplifying:

  • the assessment to determine what qualification your Swedish one is equivalent to
  • the evaluation of whether you should be permitted to practice a regulated profession.

Diploma supplement for all levels of education

From 1 July 2007, a diploma supplement shall be issued with all qualifications and for all levels of education.

Diploma supplement for degrees issued based on previous legislation

Up until the end of June 2015, anyone who started their education prior to 1 July 2007 may be awarded their degree in accordance with the previous System of Qualifications. The code of statutes (UHRFS 2013:9) also includes supplements to degrees issued according to the System of Qualifications as it was worded prior to 1 January 2007.

Last updated: 4 December 2019