Day 1: September 27th

The first day of the conference will provide the opportunity for participants to talk about the latest happenings at their organisation.

Programme - Day 1

Day one will focus on presentations from each of the organisations. These presentations  will cover the latest, hottest topics at each of the participating organisations. This first day will give us all the opportunity to catch up and find out what's been happening since we last met. 

Conference venue

The conference will kick off at a venue called “Strandvägen 7A” - which also happens to be the street adress.

The venue is centrally located in Stockholm. A link with pictures and information in Swedish (we suggest you use Google translate for a general idea) can be found here:

Casual dinner later in the evening

After the conference activities of day 1, everyone is welcome to join in for a casual dinner at a local pub or bistro. We will make reservations at a place within walking distance and act as guides to make sure everyone gets to the right place at the right time. 

Last updated: 28 April 2017