Day 2: September 28th

Day 2 will focus on group discussions and knowledge exchange regarding specific topics. You can choose which discussions you'd like to participate in.

Below are some ideas for group topics. We encourage you to suggest other topics that can be of interest for our network.

Student mobility

Our services wouldn't be necessary without students! This discussion could include statistics on incoming and outgoing students, changes in the student population, fees and their impact, refugees and specific activities, results, etc.

Admission system

In order to support higher education in our countries, we must have a well-functioning admission system. Ideas to share with colleagues on this topic could be the level of digitisation of your system, what types of admission are managed, planned functionality development, budget, government support of digitisation, etc.

Laws and regulations

Our organisations must comply with the laws and regulations of the land. This discussion could include topics such as who decides the established regulations (government or university), management of personal information (privacy), frequency of regulation changes, laws as a support or hindrance to your work, data sharing, etc.


The admission process is managed by different types of organisations in different countries. This discussion could cover topics such as who tasks the organisation (government, universities), other assignments than admission, growth and expansion, cooperation with other universities/agencies, follow-up and evaluation, etc.

Hot topics

Some of the best discussions involve what's current or upcoming. What are the issues facing your organisation today? Are you interested in something new, working on an exciting new project? Share your thoughts and ideas!

Suggestions for other discussion topics

Last updated: 10 July 2017