We welcome all participants to three interesting and rewarding days. We are also happy to present the full programme for the two first days of the conference.

Old Town. Photo by: Henrik Trygg/

Day 1: September 27th

Day one will focus on presentations from each of the organizations. The presentations should cover the hottest topics for each organisation today.

The conference will kick off at a venue called “Strandvägen 7A” - which also happens to be the street adress.

Day 2: September 28th

Focus for day two will be a number of workshops on different subjects that is interesting in the world of admissions. 

The second day of the conference will be held at the offices of the Swedish Council for Higher Education at Wallingatan 2, also centrally located in Stockholm.

Day 3: September 29th

The third day of the conference will feature a day of sightseeing. You'll be able to experience the history and beauty of Stockholm by boat, bus and more!

Last updated: 8 September 2017