Day 2: September 28th

Day 2 will focus on group workshops leading up to discussions and knowledge exchange regarding specific topics. All workshops will begin with a brief introduction and take whatever route each discussion group prefers.

We will however kick off day 2 with a presentation from the UK organisaion UCAS, as their representative will not be able to join us until later on day 1. 

Day 2 of the conference takes place at the Swedish Council for Higher Education located at Wallingatan 2, in central Stockholm. 

Please note that the agenda is still preliminary and that minor changes may be made.

9.00-9.15 Welcome to day 2  Susanne Wadsborn Taube and Per Zettervall
9.15-9.30 UK presentation UCAS
9.30-10.30 Workshop: Relationship with students
Suggested discussion topics:
• How do admissions organisations engage effectively with schools/secondary providers?
• Student demand and attitudes toward higher education – is this changing and if so, how?
• What are the relationships between technical education and university education, how do admissions organisations support students to choose the right path for them?
Helen Thorne
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break  
11.00-12.00 Workshop: NISpVU2 and Blockchain.
Suggested discussion topics:
• How can the admissions community prepare for the changes that blockchain technology may bring? 
• Learn about the blockchain and explore ways that it could benefit our core values.
Chris Pollard and Igor Dvordelic
12.00-12.30 Prior learning in Sweden Tuula Kousmanen, Swedish Council for Higher Education
12.30-13.30 Lunch  
13.30-14.30 Workshop: Student mobility
Suggested discussion topics:
• Emrex as an example, discussions should focus more on initiatives for refugees etc.
• What other centres are doing and work on international electronic document exchange
Mats Lindstedt/Trudy Sykes
14.30-15.00 Coffee Break  

Workshop: Organisational issues

Example from Norway

Geir Andersen
16.00-16-15 Paus  
16.15-16.45 Summary of the 2017 conference and passing of the torch to the hosts of the 8th IAAO Conference Susanne Wadsborn Taube and Per Zettervall
19.00 Conference Dinner at Kajplats 18  

Last updated: 22 September 2017