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The contents of guidance provided in the context of mobility has changed over time - from a focus on dissemination of information to activities that are more focused on motivation and quality assurance. PhD Søren Kristensen has studied the learning that takes place during a stay abroad and connects it to a model for mobility guidance

Welcome to a presentation with the aim to inspire those who want to learn more about the area of guidance related to mobility and get ideas about the counselling process before, during and after a stay abroad. 

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Read the article on page 20 in the Euroguidance publication Open the door to the world


Søren Kristensen, independent research professional, Techne, Denmark

Søren Kristensen is currently working as an independent research professional, based in Copenhagen and has for many years been occupied with learning mobility, both at national and European level. In 1999-2002 he worked at the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training in Europe later published Europeanwide by Cedefop. Kristensen is a former director of the Danish PIU-Centre and has participated in several major European-level studies on mobility.

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Torsdag 21 april, kl. 9.15-10.00



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