Katherine Allinson, Policy Researcher at Universities UK International and Anders Ahlstrand, researcher at UHR, present a successful tool kit to widen participation in student mobility.

3. Widening Participation in UK Outward Student Mobility.

Katherine Allinson, Policy Researcher at Universities UK International
(Cooperates with HESA (UKÄ) and Office for Students (OfS))
Anders Ahlstrand, researcher at UHR.

Good Practice
Intercultural Competencies Module
Intercultural competency for employability (University of Warwick).

1. What might be the barriers to outward mobility for students from less-advantaged backgrounds?

Toolkit recommendations:

  1. Take a whole institution approach
  2. Be student-led
  3. Offer short-term mobility opportunities
  4. Foster academic engagement
  5. Provide targeted funding
  6. Expand marketing activities
  7. Involve parents and guardians
  8. Include applications and interviews
  9. Start preparations early
  10. Establish a mobile student network
  11. Deliver expert support
  12. Offer language learning
  13. Deliver post-mobility activities
  14. Create an ambassador scheme
  15. Introduce a buddy scheme

Swedish examples of barriers:

  • Problems with funding is the biggest barrier
  • no tradition
  • lack of support
  • lack of parent support
  • lack of self confidence
  • It is a big step just to go to university – why bother to study abroad?

Comments after discussion among the participants:
Short term mobility is probably a good idea.
The credits are important – the goal is to become employed after the studies.

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