Welcome to the Swedish Council for Higher Education

The Swedish Council for Higher Education is a government agency whose responsibilities span across the education sector. One of our main focus areas is higher education.

We are tasked with providing objective and relevant information about higher education and the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (högskoleprovet). The agency’s responsibilities include stimulating interest in higher education and promoting widening participation. We are contracted by Swedish universities and university colleges to manage admissions, and also provide support for student administration. As a result, we possess detailed knowledge of admission regulations. Additionally, the agency works to prevent discrimination and to promote equal treatment at universities.

Our work broadly spans the education sector and is characterised by its international dimensions.

We evaluate foreign qualifications at the upper-secondary, post-secondary and academic level. The Swedish Council for Higher Education is also the national agency for EU programmes and other international programmes for the education sector. We provide information and support for international exchanges and collaborations across the entire education sector.

The agency also manages international programmes for professionals.

We handle the exchange schemes available to Swedish professionals in the Nordic countries and Europe. For those interested in working for an EU institution, we also provide preparatory training before applying to an EU recruitment competition.

Systems management is also part of our service portfolio.

Our agency has years of experience with system management, and also provides these services to external customers. To name two examples, we have been entrusted with the technical management of the Ladok platform, the Swedish national system for student management. We also run the BEDA database, which collects final school grades from upper-secondary schools for transmission to the Swedish admissions system NyA and Statistics Sweden.

Additionally, we are tasked with following up, auditing, and analysing processes and outputs within our sector.


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