Project activities

This space is for project partners and participating HEIs to find important project information and updates.

Project timeline


PLA1* PLA2* PLA3* Confer-ence Project ends
April 2019 June 2019 Oct 2019 Sept 2019 Feb/Mar 2019 April 2021

* PLA = Peer Learning Activity


PLA 1, Stockholm, June 27-28, 2019

During this first PLA the project group presented the current status of RPL in each country. The participants are in different stages of implementing RPL, which makes a good starting point for peer learning. A common agreement on definitions and fundamental documents were agreed upon. The group also started developing a self-evaluation template of institutional RPL-practices based on the four phases of validation in the Cedefop guidelines.

PLA 2, Vienna, October 22-23, 2019

During the second PLA the work with the self-evaluation template of the validation process continued. The HEI project participants that have “tested” the draft template shared their experiences. Some of the crucial point raised: Commitment at all levels of the institution is, clear information in all aspects and counselling/support to the candidate is equally important – the candidate has to understand the process and understand his/her role to balance expectations, Important with well-defined Learning outcomes to validate against, learn from what you’ve done earlier – save and use previous decisions to improve practice,  work with staff development, refine and redefine the RPL- process, use different sets of combinations of methods.

Survey on validation, fall 2019

The project conducted a small survey among HEI:s about validation and the use of RPL for access and for credits. The most common challenges in working with RPL mentioned among the HEI:s were challenges concerning the awareness and attitudes among potential candidates, stakeholders and HEI:s. Challenges concerning routines, lack of personal capacity and costs were also mentioned.

Upcoming events

For project participants

PLA 3, September 2-3, 2020

For the public

Webinar 1:

Why validation and recognition of prior informal and non-formal learning
Tuesday 13 October, 14:30-16:00 (CEST)

Webinar 2:

How to validate and recognize prior informal and non-formal learning
Thursday 5 November, 14:30-16:00 (CET)

Final dissemination conference

Stockholm, 15 February 2021


Last updated: 24 September 2020