International exchanges and partnerships

The Swedish Council for Higher Education provides organisations and individuals in Sweden with the opportunity to participate in international exchanges and partnerships.

International exchanges for the entire education sector 

The Swedish Council for Higher Education is responsible for a number of different programmes that give stakeholders in the entire Swedish education sector – from pre-school and school, to higher education, vocational education and training and adult education – the opportunity to apply for project funding for international partnership and exchange projects. The aim is that these international activities will contribute to increasing the quality of education in Sweden.

What is available?

The programmes offer various forms of partnership projects between educational organisations (such as schools, higher education institutions and vocational training centres) in Sweden and abroad. Organisations can also apply for financial support to give staff, students and pupils the opportunity to participate in education, placements and skills development outside of Sweden.

Who are the programmes for?

In general, it is organisations – for example, a school, a higher education institution or vocational training centre – that may apply for funds from the Swedish Council for Higher Education. It is then the organisation that sends staff, students and pupils on exchanges to other countries. We primarily work with organisations in Sweden.

Our programmes are funded by the European Commission, the Nordic Council of Ministers, Sida and the Swedish state.

For organisations that wish to work with organisations in Sweden

Are you from another country and wish to work with a school or higher education institution in Sweden? Organisations in various low and middle-income countries can participate in a number of the programmes, but it is the Swedish organisation that submits an application to the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

In order for an organisation in one of these countries to participate in a partnership project, it must find and initiate a partnership with a Swedish educational organisation. The list of low and middle-income countries is based on The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)'s DAC-list and can be find below.

Last updated: 18 May 2020