Valda (Validation, digital application and administration system)

Valda simplifies validation in Lärarlyftet II (teacher lift II). Does your higher education institution (HEI) offer courses as part of Lärarlyftet II? If so, you can use the Valda tool to support your work on evaluating the applicants’ previous knowledge and professional experience.

Valda provides support throughout the validation process – from application to review, evaluation and decision. Applicants also receive help and instructions regarding how to complete their application and which qualifications to submit.

Easy for HEIs to use

The idea is that HEIs can use Valda autonomously and easily. After the Swedish Council for Higher Education has added an administrator at your HEI, you can start creating courses, adding accepted applicants in an admissions round, receiving applications for validation and opening cases for processing. Valda then supports the continued management of a case through the entire process of review, evaluation and decision-making.

Knowledge bank of completed cases

All completed cases are kept in a national archive that functions as a knowledge bank for all HEIs linked to Valda. These HEIs can gain an understanding of previous evaluations, which not only saves time but also prevents the same qualifications being evaluated in different ways.

Access to manuals and support

To help HEIs that use Valda there are manuals, a description of the validation process and the opportunity for support, as we manage both technical issues and user questions.

Free of charge

Valda was designed in partnership with Stockholm University as part of Lärarlyftet II. Contact if your HEI wants to join – it is free of charge. Welcome!


Last updated: 18 March 2019