Nais is a national administration and information system for coordinators of special educational support at higher education institutions (HEIs).

Nais makes it easy for students with a permanent disability to apply for study support, based on their current study situation. Some examples of special educational support are help with note taking, mentors or separate examinations.

The system also supports the application management processes of the HEI.

Applications and applicant personal information is only accessible by the receiving HEI, in order to protect privacy.

Advantages of the system

There are many advantages for coordinators at HEIs.

  • The system is tailor-made for the coordinators’ work.
  • Increased transparency on issues relating to special educational support at HEIs.
  • More time for meetings with students, contact with teachers and study guidance counsellors.
  • Easier follow-ups of support activities.
  • Shared terminology for educational support and study adaptation.
  • Easier for students, as they apply in one place whatever their HEI.

If you have questions about Nais, please contact Head of Administration, Nina Von Zeipel, at the Department of Systems Administration and Operations.

Last updated: 18 March 2019