Ordinance on contract education at higher education institutions (2002:760)

This version contains amendments up to and including the Act on Amendment of the Ordinance on contract education at higher education institutions SFS 2019:1044.

Ministry/Agency: Ministry of Education and Research, Sweden
Issued 10 October 2002.

This translation is for information purposes only and has no legal force. In the event of discrepancies, the Swedish-language version takes precedence.

Section 1

A university or university college which is accountable to the government and subject to the Higher Education Act (1992:1434) may offer contract education pursuant to the provisions of this ordinance.


Section 2

The term higher education institution is to refer below to both a university or a university college and the term contract education to programmes of study that are arranged for a fee to be paid by some entity other than a natural person for those whom it selects to study.

Section 3

A higher education institution may offer contract education only if it is related to the kind of first or second-cycle programmes for which it is entitled to award a qualification.
If the contracting entity is the Swedish state or a Swedish local authority agency, region or a corresponding public entity from another country in the EEA, in addition to the provisions of the first paragraph above the contract must concern

  1. training for personnel, or
  2. training required for labour market or development assistance policy reasons.

Despite the provision in item 1 of the second paragraph, the contract may concern training for individuals who are not employed by the contracting entity if, due to a decision by the Government, the training will be offered on behalf of the Swedish state for a specific category of individuals.
When the contract is not placed by a public entity, in addition to the first paragraph the contract must concern

  1. personnel training that is intended to be important for the participants’ work for the contracting entity, or
  2. training required for labour market.

Ordinance (2019:1044).

Section 3a

Despite what is stated in the first and second paragraphs of Section 3, basic police officer training pursuant to Section 4 of the Ordinance on training as a police officer (2014:1105) may be conducted as contract education, if the government decides that this training may be provides by a higher education institution on behalf of the Swedish state. Ordinance (2014:1300).

Implementation of the courses  

Section 4

Contract education may not be offered in such a way or to such an extent that it has a negative impact on the first and second-cycle programmes to be provided by the higher education institution.

 When a higher education institution arranges contract education comprising studies that correspond to more than 60 credits, it shall inform the Swedish Higher Education Authority of this in writing. Ordinance (2012:718).


Section 5

The Ordinance on Fees (1992:191) applies to contract education. The higher education institutions may themselves determine the size of these fees. Fees are to be calculated so that they provide full coverage of costs.

Diplomas and course certificates

Section 6

Participants in contract education may be given grades and diplomas or course certificates pursuant to the regulations for first and second-cycle higher education if the same quality requirements apply to the contract education as to corresponding programmes of study in higher education. This applies even if the participants lack the entry requirements for higher education. Ordinance (2007:424).

Exemptions from the Administrative Procedure Act

Section 6a

The provisions of sections 25 and 32 of the Administrative Procedure Act (2017:900) on the communication of and reasons for decisions do not need to be applied to cases regarding admissions to or grading in education.
If a reason has not been provided, one must be subsequently provided if possible, if a person requests this and it is necessary for him or her to be able to exercise his or her legal rights.
Ordinance (2018:998).

Credit transfer

Section 7

Those who have completed contract education of the kind referred to in Section 6 are entitled to recognition of their credits in first and second-cycle higher education. Ordinance (2007:424).

Additional regulations

Section 8

The Swedish Council for Higher Education may issue the additional regulations required for the application of this ordinance. Ordinance (2012:718).

Transitional provisions


  1. This ordinance shall enter into effect on 1 July 2007.
  2. Those who have begun contract education before 1 July 2007 but not yet completed it are entitled to recognition of their studies as undergraduate courses in higher education pursuant to the earlier regulations, however until no later than the end of June 2015.

Last updated: 30 June 2023