Assistance Centre

If you have questions about what is required in order to work in a regulated profession, or about the Professional Qualifications Directive, you can contact UHR.

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) is the Assistance Centre in Sweden. Please contact us if you have any questions: 


Telephone: 010-470 03 00

List of assistance centres in other EU/EEA countries

You can receive help with:

Additional support from SOLVIT

If you find that an authority in another EU/EEA country has violated your internal market rights (for example the right to move unhindered within the EU), you can contact your national SOLVIT office. SOLVIT is a problem-solving network for questions regarding EU law. The service is free of charge. 

You can receive practical advice regarding for example moving, working and traveling within the EU through the European Commission's portal Your Europe

Last updated: 18 May 2020