Reports and statistics

UHR provides statistics and reports regarding recognition of foreign qualifications in Sweden. You can read more below.

Number of applications:

 Year Upper-secondary edaucation Post-secondary vocational education Higher education Total
2017 13 709 3 632 11 846 29 187
2016 12 209 3 456 11 707 27 372
2015 10 230 2 719 9 835 22 874
2014 8 363 1 909 7 729 18 001


Top 5 countries 2017 (where applicants completed their education):

Upper-secondary education Post-secondary vocational education Higher education
Syria Syria Syria
Iran Iraq Iraq
Iraq Eritrea Iran
Eritrea Iran India
Saudi Arabia Great Britain Russia



Report: Effects of the statement on foreign higher education qualifications

A study by UHR has shown that evaluations of foreign higher educational qualifications help foreign graduates find work more quickly. After one year, 9 per cent more are employed if they have a statement, while 11 per cent more are after three years. Read more about UHR’s study.

Short version of the report

The brochure, “One step on the road to the labour market” contains an abridged version of the report on the effects of the statement. It also contains a description of how the evaluation process takes place.


“One step on the road to the labour market” (pdf)

Both the report and the brochure can be ordered via UHR’s publications store (only in Swedish)

Last updated: 6 February 2018