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C (17 words)

Swedish English
campuskurs on-campus course
campus course
campusstudent on-campus student
campus student
campusbaserad utbildning
on-campus teaching
on-site teaching
cancer och onkologi cancer and oncology
case (se fallstudie)
cell- och molekylärbiologi cell and molecular biology
cellbiologi cell biology
central antagning (se samordnad antagning)
civilekonomexamen Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics
civilingenjörsexamen Degree of Master of Science in Engineering
clinical placement (se praktik)
clinical placement (se verksamhetsförlagd utbildning)
clinical rotations (se praktik)
clinical rotations (se verksamhetsförlagd utbildning)
clinical training (se praktik)
clinical training (se verksamhetsförlagd utbildning)