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N (23 words)

English Swedish
nano technology nanoteknik
naprapath naprapat
national official transcript of records nationellt resultatintyg
natural sciences naturvetenskap
needs-driven research behovsmotiverad forskning
behovsstyrd forskning
neurology neurologi
neurosciences neurovetenskaper
non-academic background studieovan miljö
non-completion studieavbrott
student attrition
non-disclosable personal details sekretessmarkerad personuppgift
non-exchange student
free mover
non-fee paying
exempted from fees
non-regulated working hours
unmeasured time
norm-referenced grade normrelaterat betyg
not completed course component rest
notification of a vacancy
advertisement of a position
utlysning av anställning
notification of submission of a doctoral thesis spikblad
notification of the date of the defence of a doctoral thesis spikning
notify conditional extension of degree-awarding powers
notify conditional extension of entitlement to award a qualification
ifrågasätta examenstillstånd
nurse sjuksköterska
nursing omvårdnad
nutrition and dietetics näringslära
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