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Q (27 words)

English Swedish
qualification merit
diploma degree
Qualification Assessment Manual bedömningshandboken
qualification awarded
degree awarded diploma awarded
avlagd examen
qualification descriptor examensbeskrivning
qualification in the fine, applied and performing arts konstnärlig examen
qualification required for appointment as a docent docentkompetens
qualification requirements
degree requirements diploma requirements
qualification to fulfil entry requirements behörighetskomplettering
qualifications framework referensram för examina
qualified applicant behörig sökande
qualified for entry
qualified for admission
behörig till studier
qualified teacher status certificate
QTS certificate
behörighetsbevis för lärare
qualitative target examensmål
quality aspects
quality perspective
quality assessment
quality audit
quality assurance kvalitetssäkring
quality assurance agency kvalitetssäkringsorgan
quality assurance audit bedömning av kvalitetssäkringssystem
quality assurance procedures
quality enhancement activities quality assurance mechanisms
quality audit kvalitetsgranskning
quality control kvalitetskontroll
quality evaluation kvalitetsutvärdering
quality improvement
quality enhancement
quality management kvalitetsstyrning
quota-based admissions kvoterad antagning
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