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In order to apply for an assessment of your foreign qualifications, it's important that: 

Applying for an assessment of your foreign qualification

You don't have to have an Electronic identification (eID) to apply for an assessment. You'll identify yourself and log in using your Swedish ID number/date of birth, together with your application number/case number and email address. 

Remember to write your Swedish ID number/date of birth without 19 (or 20) in the beginning. For example: 880411-xxxx

It's important to gather all the information and documents you need before getting started.

As always, use care when filling in your personal details.

Create a new application

Before starting your new application, you must give UHR permission to save your data for use in the assessment process.

View my submitted applications

If you've already submitted your application, you can access it here using the information you previously provided.

You can find your application number/case number in the letter that was attached to the confirmation email you received after you submitted your application.