Who can apply for an evaluation and what do you need to prepare before you apply? You can find our more here, as well as in the online application.

Online application

You apply for an evaluation of your foreign qualifications and upload your documents at utbildningsbedomning-en.uhr.se

Documents to upload

  • Degree certificate/diploma in the original language and translated where necessary.
    A degree certificate is a document that shows the qualification awarded.
  • Official transcript – a list of the courses that were included in your degree/qualification. In the original language and translated where necessary. The personal official transcript should state
    - the subjects included in your degree
    - how long you studied each subject (credits)
    - the grade you received in each subject
    - whether you wrote a degree project (not for Upper-secondary education)

For Upper-Secondary Education the Diploma and Transcript can be issued on the same document but often there are several documents needed. This list has information about the most common documents for Upper-Secondary education from different countries: The correct documents from your country of education (pdf).

Submitting additional documents

If you need to submit additional documents to your application, do not create a new online application and upload your documents there. This will create two separate applications for you and delay your assessment.

Please mark your additional documents with your registration number and submit them via the regular postal service to:

Universitets- och högskolerådet/Swedsih Council for Higher Education
Box 4030
SE-171 04 Solna

Am I eligible to receive a recognition statement?

We can evaluate your qualifications if you are from an EU/EEA country or have a Swedish residence permit, work permit or valid LMA card. If you are in Sweden and waiting for a decision by the Swedish Migration Agency, please submit a copy of the email confirming that your application has been received.

Documenting your right to apply

The following documents can be submitted in order to document your right to apply for an evaluation:

  • Swedish personal identity number (personnummer) – submit a population registration certificate (personbevis), Swedish driver's licence, or Swedish identity card. You can order a population registration certificate from the Swedish Tax Authority
  • EU/EES citizen - submit a copy of your passport or national identification card. Your passport copy must contain the page with your name and other personal data.
  • Citizen of a country outside the EU/EES – submit a copy of your passport AND documentation of one of the following:
  1. Swedish residence permit, work permit or valid LMA card. If you’re currently in Sweden and waiting for a decision, please submit confirmation from the Swedish Migration Agency that they have received your application.
  2. Family member of an EU citizen – submit a copy of your residence card or certification of right of residence from the Swedish Migration Agency.
  3. Long-term resident of an EU country – You may have the right to a residence permit in Sweden. Find out more at the Swedish Migration Agency's website.
  4. Residence status (for British citizens only, the Swedish Migration Agency´s website)

If you live outside EU/EES and do not live up to claim 1-4 you can not apply for an evaluation.


If you have documents issued in a language other than English, French, Spanish, German or a Nordic language, they must be translated. The translation must be done by an authorised translator to Swedish or one of the above languages.

Find a translator via Kammarkollegiet

If you are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen, it is possible to have documents translated for free.

Original documents

To ensure quality, we sometimes ask to see your original documents. Therefore, you should be prepared to submit original documents if asked to do so. If we suspect your documents have been forged, an investigation will be started that can lead to a police report.


We have gathered many commonly asked questions and their answers on the FAQ tab at utbildningsbedomning-en.uhr.se.

Last updated: 24 March 2021