I want to apply for an evaluation

Who can apply for an evaluation and what do you need to prepare before you apply? More information is provided in our online application.

Online application

You apply for an evaluation and upload your documents on

Additional documents

If you need to submit additional documents to your application you should not make a new online application and upload the documents. By doing so you will create two separate applications and delay your assessment.

Please submit copies of the additional documents marked with your registration number with ordinary postal service to:

Universitets- och högskolerådet
Box 450 93
SE-104 30 Stockholm

When do you need a recognition statement?

A statement may show the Swedish equivalent of your qualification. This can be helpful for employers, for example, as it helps them understand your qualification better when you are applying for jobs.

You do not need to have an evaluation from us to be able to apply for jobs, nor to apply for certification in a regulated profession or to apply to higher education.

Which documents should you prepare?

You can upload documents straight into the web application. These should be scanned original documents and the files must be pdfs.


You need certificates for your qualifications (diploma/degree certificate), both in the original language and translated. This is a document that proves your education ended with a qualification being awarded.

This link shows the names of the most common upper-secondary education documents from each country: The correct documents from your upper-secondary education.

Official transcript

An of­ficial transcript in the original language and translated.

“Personbevis” (extract from the Swedish population register)

You need a “personbevis” from Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency). People who are not able to obtain “personbevis” can instead send a copy of their passport (for EU/EEA citizens), or a copy of their passport and proof of a submitted application for a residence permit. The passport pages that we require copies of are those with the name and other individual information.

If you have a name that is different to your current name on your certificates, you should include information about this change. If your previous name is not shown on the “personbevis”, you can, for example, append a marriage certificate.


If you have documents that are issued in a language other than English, French, Spanish, German or the Nordic languages it must be translated. The translation must be done by an authorised translator to Swedish or one of the above languages.

You can find a translator via Kammarkollegiet.

If you are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen it is possible to have documents translated for free on one occasion.

Original documents

To ensure quality we sometimes ask to see the original documents. Therefore, you should be prepared to submit the original documents if asked to do so. If we also suspect forgery, an investigation will start that could lead to a police report.

Who can receive a recognition statement?

We can make an evaluation of your qualification if you are from an EU/EEA country or if you can prove that you have applied for a Swedish residency permit.


We have gathered many commonly asked questions and their answers on the FAQ tab at

Last updated: 7 January 2019