Regulated professions – professions with specific requirements

Some professions are regulated through Swedish legislation that defines the requirements for working within that profession, e.g. a particular qualification or authorisation, or other formal recognition.

The majority of the professions that are regulated in Sweden can be found in this list. If you wish to work in any of the below professions you should contact the competent authority and apply for the right to practice that profession:

Within the EU there are rules that make it easier for EU citizens to work within regulated professions. If you are an EU citizen, the competent authorities will process your application for registration or other authorisation in accordance with Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of vocational qualifications. Read more about regulated professions for EU/EEA citizens

Help finding the right authority:

If you are unsure about which authority to consult, you can find help at where all the regulated professions in Sweden are listed.

Working in healthcare in Sweden

There are 21 regulated professions in healthcare in Sweden. These professional titles are protected and may only be used by people who have certification or specific authorisation for that profession. These professions are:

Pharmacist, occupational therapist, audiologist, midwife, biomedical scientist, dietician, chiropractor, speech therapist, doctor, naprapath, optician, orthopaedic engineer, psychologist, psychotherapist, prescriptionist, radiographer, physiotherapist, medical physicist, nurse, dental hygienist, dentist.

Read more about how to apply for authorisation at the National Board of Health and Welfare

Working as a teacher in Sweden

If you have a foreign teaching degree or pre-school teacher degree and are authorised to work as a teacher abroad, you may apply for certification. You must have teacher certification to obtain permanent employment as a teacher in Sweden. To obtain permanent employment as a pre-school teacher you must have pre-school teacher certification.

If your foreign qualification is very different to Sweden’s teacher qualifications, you may need to supplement your education to get a Swedish teacher or pre-school teacher certification.

Read more about certification of teachers and preschool teachers at the Swedish National Agency for Education

Other regulated professions

There are also other professions that are regulated, but which are recognised in accordance with particular directives:


Read more about regulation for accountants on the the Swedish Inspectorate of Auditors’s website

Professions at sea and in the air

Read more about regulation for professions at sea and in the air on the Swedish Transport Agency’s website 

There are also professions that require you to be a Swedish citizen, e.g. within the police force and the legal system.

Arbetsförmedlingen’s website has a list of professions with information about the profession and the relevant requirements.

To Arbetsförmedlingen’s list (in Swedish only)

Last updated: 28 February 2019