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Find out what a foreign qualification compares to in Sweden

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) is Sweden’s ENIC-NARIC centre. We have a national task to inform about and evaluate foreign education. With this service, you’ll receive information on what a foreign qualification compares to in Sweden.

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Degree of Master

Swedish comparison

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Degree of Master


Degree of Master

About the qualification comparison

UHR has assessed the foreign qualification in comparison to a Swedish degree level. A more precise comparison to a 60-credit or 120-credit Master’s degree can only be provided on the basis of individual documentation.

The figure below shows the assigned level of the Swedish qualification in the Swedish National Qualifications Framework (SeQF) and how it relates to the European qualifications frameworks.

This assessment is provided as guidance by UHR. It is based on our knowledge of the country’s education system and not on the individual’s education documents. UHR applies the principles of the international recognition convention Lisbon Recognition Convention and assumes the foreign qualification is recognised in the country of study.

Find out more about higher education in Sweden and the admission process at Universityadmissions.se

Comparison result as a PDF

Download a PDF that you can for example show to an employer when seeking employment. In this case, you should also provide your education documents.

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Learning outcome levels of Swedish qualifications

At the level of Degree of Master (120 credits) and Degree of Master (60 credits) At the level of Degree of Master (120 credits) and Degree of Master (60 credits)

Not all qualifications are included in the figure.

*Please note that the Advanced Higher Vocational Education Diploma is included in EQF och SeQF level 6, but not in Bologna level 1.

What do the abbreviations mean?

  • SeQF – The Swedish National Qualifications Framework

  • EQF – European Qualifications Framework

  • Bologna Framework – Qualifications Framework for the European Higher Education Area (QF- EHEA)

Contact us with your questions

If you have questions about the assessment tool, you’re welcome to contact us – whether you’re a private person or you use the service in your profession. Employers can, for example, receive help with questions about foreign education or a job applicant’s education documents. Email: utbildningsbedomning@uhr.se

Last updated: 9 August 2022