Guidance in Sweden

Find out more about Swedish guidance through the links below or download our publication Career Guidance in Sweden.

The Swedish Association of Guidance Counsellors (SAGC)

Branch for Swedish guidance professionals within the trade union for teachers (Lärarnas riksförbund, LR)

Euroguidance Sweden (to introduction) A website run by the Swedish National Agency for Education containing a virtual career guidance tool and a search tool for Swedish schools. Contact information to guidance counsellors in schools around Sweden can be found on the websites of each individual school.

List of higher education institutions in Sweden - contact information to the guidance services at higher education institutions can be found on the websites of each University.

Guide for students with disabilities (Information in English at the Stockholm University website)

Swedish research network in career development and guidance (Department of Applied Educational Science at Umeå university) 

Courses of studies leading to a bachelor’s degree/ graduate diploma in Career counselling are offered at:    

Malmö University

Stockholm University       

Umeå University

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